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Dietiker is an international valued, Swiss brand of seating solutions for the contract market. Since 1873, the company has designed and manufactured seating furniture for lounge and waiting, cafeteria and restaurants, meeting and administration, public and culture, education, spiritual, hospitals & clinics and senior care.

In close collaboration with designers and architects, the company has created timeless products throughout its history, always combining innovative materials, good design and smart functional solutions in the highest quality. Dietiker's success story has been marked by its icon products from the classic chairs Saffa (1958-Hans Eichenberger), Bandixen (1963-Edlef Bandixen) and the famous, patented Rey chair (1971-Bruno Rey), wich have been sold over more than 1 million models.

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BERO Agencies represents Dietiker in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Scandinavia.

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